Contemporary Arts Center
New Orleans, LA

Deed was concerned with territory and motivation; it was essentially a power struggle between two opposing forces. The two main performers fought to manipulate and ultimately control the movements of the other. The show was a departure for Crisus, as it was created through a collage approach rather than being driven by a central idea. All elements were developed simultaneously, each affecting the evolution of the other, with no one element been given precedence.

The show featured a 24-foot tower that included a 40-foot spinning light, and a pulley system that lifted a performer to the top. A second performer arrived wearing a rainmaking device while a third entered propelled by a manipulated lawn mower and fire extinguisher light. The show included a text that was delivered from the top of the tower.

Deed was performed by Malcolm McClay, Jeff Becker, and Erin Bortles with an original soundtrack live-mixed by Tom Richards (Los Angeles).

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