Full Shackle

The Lab, San Francisco, CA
Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, NM
Planet Theater, Austin, TX
Wong Spot Gallery, San Antonio, TX

Full Shackle revealed systems that rely on organized acts of suppression to intimidate and terrorize a community into total obedience. Through torture and interrogation, these structures created a self-sustaining cycle that relies on the constant creation of opposition to secure its own survival. By manipulation and subversion of information at the hands of the interrogator, this unwitting opposition can be formed.

The set featured an eleven-foot washing station with a 400-gallon tank and reciprocal water system. The top perimeter of the tank had a propane burner that created a shield of fire. Throughout the space, suspended from the ceiling, were motorized and pneumatic creatures that moved in response to the performers

In Full Shackle the audience witnessed how suppression and opportunity go hand in hand and how the intimidation and manipulation of communities is always one step ahead of the general public. The show also presented how one can inadvertently allow a chain of events to gather momentum, ultimately resulting in suppression and cruelty. Full Shackle sought to expose the audience to the true brutality of comfort.

Written and produced by Malcolm McClay and Jeff Becker, Full Shackle was directed by Jeff Becker and performed by Malcolm McClay, Nathan Aaron Place, and Larry Spenler, with an original soundtrack by Aaron Rosenberg, and Nolan and Andrew Cook of Land of Thin Dimes.

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