artist statement

My work exists on the cusp between visual arts and theater. It is within the tension between sculptural form and live performance where I have found my voice. I create interactive performance environments that envelope the audience and performers in fantastical worlds fueled by original live music, layered video projection, dynamic physical performance and kinetic transforming sets. Over the past 20years my work has largely delt with themes like the abuse of power, human rights, genocide, environmental issues and consequences of progress.

As a director, the performance environment is the central player in any of my shows. I treat space as character meaning that the performance space will evolve and grow along with the performers. In this way, the environment steers the performers and the performers interact with the environment in an organic relationship, each continually influencing the other.  As a designer I rarely use static words like set or props, rather I create performance environments and interactive sculpture that envelope the audience and performers. I give these interactive sculptures names and introduce them as characters to the other actors and expect them to treat them as fellow performers that grow and develop along with them in the production. To support this way of working I co-founded Catapult a collective theater laboratory that is shared by ArtSpot Productions, Mondo Bizarro New Noise and writer and performer, Lisa Shattuck. Catapult has become a nexus of the New Orleans theater community providing rehearsal space, offices, a design and fabrication studio and community kitchen. catapult offers workshops and public events. The space and the resources it provides have allowed us and others to be far more ambitious in our conception and development of new projects

I am an inventive artist whose work naturally crosses disciplines I want to engage my audience with challenging, theater that is both spectacular and abstract, theater that deals with difficult themes. As an artist based in New Orleans, a region plagued by trauma and drama along with irrepressible beauty and magic, I find ample inspiration for my work.